An inventory and valuation of the personal property when required by the Internal Revenue Service.


When required by the Internal Revenue Service, and directed by your accountant, a donation appraisal for donated personal property can be provided.

Dissolution of Marriage

This appraisal provides an inventory and evaluation of determined items of personal property for equitable distribution.

A mutually agreed upon appraisal by an accredited appraiser can be used by both parties and is beneficial in facilitating resolutions.


An appraisal prior to damage is the best way for your agent to provide adequate coverage, and should the need for a claim arise, for you to collect full value.

An appraisal for personal property included in your separate rider, such as fine art, antiques, silver, crystal, porcelain and jewelry.

Damage Claim

Provides assistance in settling a claim, when there is a full or partial loss. Factors taken into consideration: whether restoration is plausible or recommended, replacement value before damage, and loss of value after restoration.

Desktop Appraisals

A Desktop Appraisal is just what it sounds like. An appraisal that I do from my desk, and not having to go on-site. I charge a lower rate, and it often is more efficient.

Examples of easily prepared desktop appraisals:

  • Professionally grades and sealed collectibles, comics, sports cards, magazines, toys, video games. Almost any type of professionally graded items can be easily appraised from a good list. Photographs are normally not needed.
  • Previously professionally appraised items done for insurance can be updated. Normally the first appraiser would be the best person to do the update. If they are not available, please feel free to contact me to see if I can help you.
  • Antiques, art, rare books, manuscripts, ephemera, etc., can be done but it requires more time on your part to get the information I would need.